Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Reading Report Needs

Most elementary and high school students go through a phase in their lives wherein their English teacher would require them to pass a Home Reading Report. Usually the teacher would assign each student a specific book to read and make a report of the synopsis, comments and evaluation of the book. In some cases they are called book review. A student will list important details about the book such as Title, Genre, Description, Author, List of Characters that will then be divided to Major and Minor Characters. The home reading report will also include the synopsis or summary of the book, moral or lesson learned from the book and the student's recommendation or objection of the book.

Many times in my elementary and high school life in Kalibo Pilot Elementary School, I was required by my English teachers Ma'am Pactial and Ma'am Grasparil to pass the said book reviews. We were usually assigned classic novels such as the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick and the likes. When I reached high school, my all-time favorite English teacher, Ma'am Lilibeth Bustamante tasked us to submit home reading reports of books that we really want to read. Not just those that we are obliged to read or the homework will seem to be tedious. Learning is supposed to be that way, students should not be forced to do or learn something that they will eventually forget because they're not enjoying it.

So without further ado, this site is dedicated to giving you samples of Home Reading Reports that you can use for FREE! All you need to do is to spread the word that I'd like to help out the elementary and high school students to lighten their school works. If you have any requests as to what books you'd specifically want me to review, let me know by emailing me or leaving comments below the post. Looking forward to help you!